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This beautiful wildlife habitat exits 30 miles outside of Belize City and 20 miles away from the capital city Belmopan, on the George Price highway. A visit to the Belize Zoo gives you the opportunity to interact with variety of Belize’s amazing wildlife in one location : reptiles primates birds, large cats and other exotic local species. Visits to the Belize Zoo also contributes much needed funding to the local effort to research and protect our native animal population. An added feature when doing this tour is the benefit of transiting for 28 along the George Price highway and admiring the natural beauty of our lush forest, which feature many different birds and occasional sightings of furry critters and primates.

We can also arrange aquatic tours and accommodations with an affiliated tour company, which is located on San Pedro Ambergris Caye.

St. Herman’s Cave / Blue Hole National

One of the great wonders of Belize is our beautiful inland Blue Hole near St. Herman’s Cave on the hummingbird highway. The blue hole is also assessable to all visitors. So like Michael Bolton did, so can you immerse yourself in the healing waters of the special place. The visitor’s also having the opportunity to hike through the rainforest and explore the caverns of nearby St. Herman’s Cave. The Blue Hole National Park and Cave System is only ten miles away from Belmopan City. Therefore, you ill be able to delight in a tour of the capital city and visit historical monuments sites as well.


This Mayan site is one of Belize’s western most district, San Ignacio overlooks and gives a panoramic view of much of the lush rainforest of western Belize as well as nearby Maya and Mestizo communities and bordering Guatemala. Before reaching the entrance of this ancient city, your party will board a 19th Century hand –cranked ferry which takes you across the Mopan River. Once on the other side , you are immediately thrust into the reality of how grand the Maya Civilization was, as the massive structure of el Castillo , the largest of the temples at the site, towers over everything around. As you make your way to the top of this grand temple you can only imagine what it must have felt like fir the ancient Maya rulers to stand atop the structure and view the vast territory of natural Riches that they occupied and controlled. A visit to Xunantunich allows for a seventy mile journey into the heart of the country, where visitors we will be able to see many different ethnic and cultural groups along the way: Maya, Kriol, mestizo, garinagus, Chinese, Mennonites and several other immigrant communities. Those who have a passion for nature will surely appreciate the ride through the rolling hills of Cayo where there are several well-kept ranches, plantations and manicured lawns at world famous resorts.

Cave Tubing

The Cave tubing adventure starts by first is introduced to the environment and regulation at the site at Nohoc Chen. The guide will then take u on a jungle trail hike where you will see first-hand many of the different trees, plants, species, and roots which were once used by the ancient Maya people. Once you have arrived at the river’s edge, the guide will make a final check of your safety gears; headlamps, life vest and river tubes before taken to the river .Then you are ready to float through the cave system where you will be able to appreciate the crystalline formations that line the caves and many stalactites and stalagmites, while you immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the underworld. Exciting the caves will allow you to relax on your tube and enjoy the calm many different species of our tropical birds singing in the tree tops along the river’s edge, the majestic Toucans darting by over-head, howler monkeys rustling in nearby trees and the innocent beauty of orchids, flowers and fruit trees radiating with color. All this while you’re most competent guide lead you along and support your curiosity with accurate information and tales.


This undoubtedly, one of the mist popular tours. The word Lamanai is Maya For submerge Crocodile. Visitors will board river boat at the lamanai landing and head up the new River and make their way through a network of small streams and lagoon, where you are likely to encounter multiple species of wetland birds such as hawks, kites and falcons . The water ways are littered with lily pads which only serve to arouse an even greater appreciation for the frequent sightings of crocodiles basking mornings sunlight.There are much evidences of the ancient Maya Civilization throughout the forest as the tour takes you deeper into the haunting call of the black howler monkeys can be heard for miles in either directions.

Full Day Tour Combos

ALL tours include breakfast, snacks (water, soda, local chips) and lunch. (n.b.) – does not include Cruise Ship visitors. Park fees are also included.

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ATM Cave Tours.. Visitors must be a strong swimmer and physically fit.


Cave Tubing Tour and/or Zip-lining

You will be met at gate #1 by one of our very courteous guides who will be holding a sign with your name. You will be driven on a 40 – 45 minute ride to the cave site where you will be equipped with your gears and briefed. As you enter Nohoc Che’n you will immediately be amazed by the natural beauty of this national Park. While you may want to visit the craft vendors of stop in at any of the local restaurants that are on site, your adventure awaits. You are sure to enjoy trekking along the vibrant nature trail, exploring Dry Caves, floating on inner tubes through the local cave system while experiencing the underworld of the Mayas, and emerging into a tranquil natural park teaming with birds of all species and occasionally, furry tailed critters of the dense tropical rainforest.

(Includes: lunch, guide, gears, water, entrance fees and transfer)

Xunantunich / Old Belize

Visitors will be received at gate #1 at the Cruise Terminal. The Xunantunich Tour is a 4:30 – 5 hr tour, which takes visitors through the scenic country side of Cayo; Belize’s largest district. The fertile hills of Cayo are home to multiple ethnic groups of Belize and feature very diverse cultural activities daily. You are certain to encounter industrious members of our growing Mennonite community offering fresh fruits and vegetables along the roadside, interact with decendants of our Indiginous Maya people as we make our way along the whining river and pass the rapids to Succottz, as well as pass by many members of the Creole, East Indian and Mestizo culture who have established villages along the route. The tour includes a visit to the Old Belize museum where you will experience a recreation of what British Honduras/Belize was like at several stages of its cultural and historical past.

(Includes: lunch, guide, entrance fee and transfer)

Baboon Sanctuary / Bacab Eco Park

You will be met at gate #1 at the Cruise Terminal for a 45 min. drive to the Baboon Sanctuary in the Bermudian Landing Village. Here you will take a short hike through the natural trails to visit the Howler monkeys, known locally as Baboons, while your able guide expand on your knowledge by offering very interesting facts about the ‘baboons’ and their role in the ecosystem and answer question. The site is near the heart of the Belize River Valley communities which is quite possible the largest agricultural area or the Creoles. There are usually a variety of locally produced organic fruits, vegetables and meats, which can be purchased bottled, bagged or prepared in local dishes. These can also be obtained as jams, jellies, dried chips, wines, juices and bagged nuts. Next you will visit Bacab Eco Park where you will be able to relax in the freeform pool with its water slide and sculpted waterfall or savor from the menu of local dishes. Here you will have the advantage to engage (with tickets) in a variety of activities including: jungle bike trail through the “bajos,” nature walk (medicinal/botanical), horseback riding, golf driving range. Or, you may choose to do some shopping at the Gift Shop where you can find a variety of Belizean made crafts and a variety of other souvenirs.

(Includes: guide, lunch, entrance fees and transfer)

Altun Ha / Bacab Eco Park

You will be greeted by one of our friendly guides as you exit gate #1 at the Cruise Terminal. The tour to Al Tun Ha will afford you a 50 min. drive through Belize City, then onto the Phillip Goldson Highway for 20 miles, where you pass through several rural communities and be fascinated by the wide variety of beautiful tropical birds flying overhead or perched on braches. Finally, you will travel for 14 miles into the depths of the lush forest where you will arrive at the celebrated Maya City of Al Tun ha (Rockstone Pond). On the return, we will stop at Bacab Eco Park where you can cool down in the calming water, relax near the pool, horseback ride along natural trails, walk along medicinal and botanical trails or just simply enjoy great local cuisine prepared fresh for you.

(Includes: guide, water, entrance fees, lunch and transfer)

Zoo / Beach

Belize has “the best little zoo on earth.” As you exit gate #1 at the Cruise Terminal, you will be received by one of our talented guides who will escort you very short distance to your vehicle. The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center is located 29 miles outside Belize City, along the George Price Highway. It is home to over 180 native animals of Belize. The zoo was started as a care facility to house 17 animals left over after the filming of a natural history documentary in 1983. As you make your way to the zoo, the guide will inform you about the landscape and wildlife corridor that you will pass through. At the zoo you will be able to get up close and personal with many of the wildlife at the zoo that have been rescued by, or gifted to the zoo. You will also be able to interact with members of our national animal species, the Tapir and our national bird, the Toucan. On the return from the Zoo, we will make a stop at Cucumber Beach where you will be able to enjoy the refreshing waters or simply relax on the beach and enjoy great local or international food, music and tropical drinks.

(Includes: guide, water, entrance fee, lunch and transfer)