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find tourWelcome to foolish Dreamzzz Tours, the only fully Belizean owned tour company in Belize that has its roots in Personal Concierge and Medium Management. We are also the only tour operator whose manager/owner and PRIMARY GUIDE, has taught Belize and Caribbean history and social studies at secondary school level for over fifteen years. So when we say that we guarantee the best quality, personalized tour experience, it’s not just an advertisement… WE MEAN IT!!

foolish Dreamzzz completely committed to ensuring that YOU, our Most Important Visitor, receive the BEST value for your investment. It is principally for this reason why, unlike others; especially the larger tour operators, we will NEVER be guilty of herding! All our tour packages are designed for 1 – 12 persons per vehicle, unless special request is made to accommodate a larger group.) foolish Dreamzzz can customize itineraries to fit your special needs, no matter what the requirements: special interests, budget or length of stay.
Yes! We are a young company. However, it is this very youthfulness that we celebrate most about the foolish Dreamzzz family, because what it guarantees YOU, our valued visitor, is a totally unique, unrehearsed, and truly dynamic experiences with a highly skilled and energetic team.

Welcome to Belize!          Bienvenido a Belice!          Accueillir au Belize!

“foolish Dreamzzz…... the place where inhibitions come to die and Dreamzzz take flight”

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